Logistics Services

Logistics Services

CBU Logistics

The market place has become dynamic and volatile. As customers become more sophisticated, they demand the right product at the right time, at the right price and at the right place. Atlas Autos CBU (Complete Built Unit) Logistics section provides one window solution which includes planning, managing and controlling the flow of motorcycles from the point of origin ( Sheikhupura and Karachi Plants) to country wide dealers network.

CBU Logistics Division devoted to serve the sales dealerships and Institutional customers of Atlas Honda Limited in Pakistan and exports to other countries. CBU logistic has complete range of small, medium and large capacity double portion customized trucks which are equipped with fixtures best suited for transportation of two wheeler CBU.

The CBU Logistics Division is entrusted with the responsibilities of ensuring that the entire process of logistics is maintained and developed in accordance with the goals of the business at an economical cost. Focusing modern systems, practices, safety procedures, information technology and management methods to fulfill expectations of customers. We are pioneer in providing live delivery tracking facility with complete dispatch information to customers all over Pakistan by using latest GPS based technology.

Key Features:

  • Customized and dedicated fleet of 170 trucks by Third party
  • Storage capacity of over 7,000 units.
  • Nationwide coverage to Sales dealerships and Institutional Customers
  • Effective route management to minimize lead time.
  • Compliance of Safety, Health and Environment Regulations.
  • Well experienced and highly trained manpower
  • State of the art in-house developed Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

CBU Logistic division emphasizing on integration of logistic process with modern information technology for country wide smooth operations of large fleet to meet changing expectations of customers. We have developed in house customized and state of the art “Fleet Management System” keeping in view our current and future requirements and customer needs. Fleet management system comprises the target based planning, supervision and control of the Logistics operations considering internal and external factors. System is directly linked with SAP for order processing and GPS based tracking for live fleet monitoring. System developed to enhance productivity and help businesses leverage through the power of the GPS for transport efficiency, reduced costs, and increased profitability. Key outcomes of FMS include,

Fleet Performance Improvement

  • Online real-time tracking services
  • Live Dashboard to display fleet status
  • Safe and secure on time delivery

Monitoring and Controlling

  • Geo-tracking of vehicle while entering or leaving premises.
  • Integrated with internal software for data controlling.
  • Data of available fleet for planning.

Customer-Centric Services

  • Classified MIS reports generated
  • Fleet Repair and maintenance record
  • Live tracking by Sales team and dealerships

Transportation cost effectiveness

  • System based fleet selection as per demand
  • Well-optimized routes
  • Minimize the lead time

CBU Logistics Division

We provide Logistics services through following two centers:

  • CBU Logistics Center – Sheikhupura
  • CBU Logistics Center – Karachi

CBU Logistics Center – Sheikhupura

It is state of the art distribution center purposely built in 2015 keeping in view future needs. Logistic Center SKP serve the Sales dealerships and Institutional customers all over Pakistan and export to Afghanistan. It provide services of Finish Goods movement from one factory to other and from factory to country wide dealerships. It is also responsible for the storage of Finished Goods as per model mix and sales requirements.

CBU Logistics Center – Karachi

Logistic Center Karachi serve the Sales dealerships and Institutional Customers of Sindh, Baluchistan and Southern Punjab. It provide transportation facility for Finished Goods export to Afghanistan. It is also responsible for receiving and storage of Finished Goods from production area Karachi and Sheikhupra Factory.