Atlas Way

Atlas Culture

  • Corporate Governance.

  • Respect, Recognition and Reward.

  • Value of Time.

  • Recruitment and career advancement based on integrity, merit, experience and skills.

  • Education and Training of staff and descendants.

  • Self Reliance.

  • Leading by example.

  • Humility and Excellence.

  • Living within one’s means, saving for the future and donating for good cause.

  • To be happy and healthy.

Atlas Systems

  • Management by Objectives (MBO) to align activities towards agreed company goals.

  • Implementing 7S vision (Strategy, Structure, System, Style, Staff, Skills and Shared values) for the company.

  • Inducting and retaining competent and skilled staff – right man for the right job.

  • Using BCG model for strategic direction.

  • Creating values through implementations of internal controls (SOPs and policy manuals).

  • Management development to produce performers, organization builders and strategists.

  • Active participation in management meetings for continuous performance improvements.

  • Ensuring accuracy and control of information / data through efficient MIS.

  • Judicious sharing of profitability between employee bonuses, dividend payout and profit retention.