Solar Power System

The Company is determined to use renewable sources for energy and installation of solar power systems is one of the major projects under the efforts in this area. The Company has introduced Solar Power Generation system at its Karachi plant which is capable of generating 838.88 KW. This is aimed to derive clean & affordable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the Company’s dependence on fossil fuel or grid-based electricity. This initiative will help to save 3,745 GJ of energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 480 tons every year.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Atlas Autos is fully committed to making continual improvements towards a greener environment through the implementation of environmental norms and standards. In compliance with the above, the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) plays an important role in the treating of wastewater and ensures that only clean water is released to the environment. Installed in 2018, 110,000 Gallon of wastewater is being treated per day within NEQS limits. Results of the plant are submitted to Regulatory Authorities on quarterly basis.

Clean and Green Pakistan

Atlas step up in CSR platform promoting clean and green environment. Atlas successful in tree plantation event conducted at local schools. Planted 50 trees of varying kinds in order to increase the diversity of plants in this area as well as provide a healthy environment for future generations. Everyone involved was very enthusiastic and excited about helping out such a great cause.

The students attended and got involved in this activity, were eager to learn more about tree care and participate in the activity so they could help make an impact on their own community. School staff and students was very thanks full to Atlas Autos on this very healthy environmental activity.

Atlas conducted clean and green environment activity in Sialkot, performed planting activity on circular road and distributed the gifts among peoples and gave them awareness about GOP slogan "Clean Green Pakistan" and its importance.
RM Lubes Gujranwala and acting DSP traffic police and other Police officers Sialkot