Supplier Registration

The Company procures most of its required materials from Pakistan i.e. where its operating facilities are located. The raw materials, Consumables, Spares & Tools, General Items and Services are easily available in Pakistan and procured locally, except for those which are not available in Pakistan. The Company’s Supplier/ Service Provider selection and approval process is based on a criteria comprising of Quality, Cost, on time delivery and Reliability.

Prospective suppliers

We constantly review our supplier base and are always looking for new suppliers to help us achieve our goals of Improving quality, service and cost minimization. If you are interested to get registered, please follow the link to fill the Supplier Registration Form. The Potential Supplier Registry Form would take approximately 5 minutes to complete. This data will make your company’s information available to Procurement Department for future business opportunities.

Existing suppliers

Our existing supplier provides us the material or services as and when required on agreed terms and conditions. If there is any change in information provided earlier please follow the link to update the status.

Award of Work

The information submitted via e-Registration system will be reviewed for compliance with company requirements. The award of any business by company will follow established procedures for Request for Quotation (RFQ), Evaluation and Award.

Supplier Registration Form