The foundation stone of the manufacturing facilities of Atlas Autos (Private) Limited was laid by Chairman Atlas Group, Yusuf H. Shirazi in February, 2012. Since then, the Company has achieved a rapid and sustainable growth. Currently, its manufacturing facilities are located at Karachi and Sheikhupura. The Company is producing motorcycle parts under strict quality assurance as per Japanese Standards (JIS/HES) for Atlas Honda Limited and its after sales market. In line with its vision and mission, Atlas Autos is employing cutting edge technology to produce high quality auto parts and components at competitive prices. Detailed overview of the products and production facilities of the Company is as follows:

Technical Collaborations

To maintain its high standards of safety, reliability and performance, the Company has also entered into technical collaboration agreements with the following international partners:

Hitachi Astemo Limited, Japan
(formerly known as Showa Corporation, Japan & Keihin Corporation, Japan)

Toyo Denso Co. Ltd, Japan

Atsumitec Co. Ltd., Japan

Yamada Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Japan

F.C.C. Co. Ltd., Japan

Hitachi Astemo Limited
Hitachi Astemo Limited

(Constituent companies associated with Atlas Group since 1988)

Toyo Denso Co. Ltd
Toyo Denso Co. Ltd

(Associated with Atlas Group since 2001)

Atsumitec Co. Ltd
Atsumitec Co. Ltd

(Associated with Atlas Group since 2004)

Yamada Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Yamada Manufacturing Co. Ltd

(Associated with Atlas Group since 2006)

F.C.C. Co. Ltd
F.C.C. Co. Ltd

(Associated with Atlas Group since 2009)

Accumulation of various engineering technologies within one premises makes the Company stand in a unique position. The Company is engaged in diversified technologies like Aluminum Casting, Zinc Casting, Gravity Casting besides growing as an injection molding parts manufacturer. The Company is also involved in Mold manufacturing (High Pressure Die Casting Molds, Gravity Die Casting Molds, Plastic Injection Molds, Cast Iron Foundry Dies).

Shock Absorber

Atlas Autos assembles shock absorbers from parts produced in-house as well as from purchased parts. Several related shops have been systematically added over the years for manufacturing sub components of shock absorbers under strict quality control standards in Technical Collaboration with Hitachi Astemo Limited, Japan. Following are the shops related to the Shock Absorber Assembly which are also located at Atlas Industrial Park (AIP), Sheikhupura:

Gravity Die Casting:
The shop has multiple GDC machines to cast Case Bottom (one of the main parts of front shock absorber) for motorcycles.

Case Bottom Machining:
Case Bottom machining shop is machining Case Bottom for motorcycles.

Case Damper:
Case Damper is a part of rear shock absorber. This shop carries out projection and condenser welding of Case Damper of motorcycles.

Buffing Shop is divided into two portions. One portion uses belt type buffing for the buffing of Case Bottoms. Whereas, the other portion uses buffing emery wheel to buff Crank Cases and Covers Crank Cases of motorcycles.

CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design):
This shop uses three axis machining centers integrated with latest computer software for maintenance of dies used for gravity die casting machines.


Atlas Autos has started manufacturing of Carburetor Assembly for Motorcycles. To ensure adherence to the profoundly established quality principles of Honda Motorcycles, Atlas Autos signed a Technical Collaboration Agreement with Hitachi Astemo Limited, Japan, one of the principal names in Carburetor technology across the world.

The Carburetor shop has state-of-the-art machinery to maintain the high standard of the product. Partial Assembly of Carburetor began in Jan, 2019. Full Assembly which started from July ‘20, includes the following Areas.

Assembly & Inspection:
Assembly of Carburetor was installed and started production in December 2018. The facility was established in order to equal the extensive quality demand of Motorcycles. State of the Art Inspection and Testing was set up including Flow Stand and Leakage Testing equipment to support the stringent quality requirements.

Die Casting & Machining:
Assembly was expanded vertically to include Die Casting, Machining and Surface Treatment areas to the forte. Two Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines and 22 Nos. of NC Machines were installed. Its production started in July 20.

Ignition Coil

Atlas Autos manufactures Ignition Coil for Honda motorcycles. To ensure the quality requirements and delicacy of this electrical component Company has a Technical Collaboration Agreement with Toyodenso Co.,Ltd, Japan, one of the leading Electrical Components maker worldwide.

The Ignition Coil shop comprises of the following State of the art manufacturing and Inspection facilities that ensure the quality product.

Copper Winding is the prime section before the assembly of ignition coil which is being done by automatic winding machines that not only maintain accuracy and precision but also establish the base of a Quality product.

In order to keep the part in working condition, a robust layer of Resin is filled so as to protect the part from any damage. This is done with the help of state of the art Automatic Japanese Machines that ensure the part is preserved as per required quality standards. The material is hardened in the ovens.

Final Inspection and Assembly:
Epoxy filled coils are assembled with High Tension cords and are subjected to stringent quality standards to comply and deliver premium quality. Coils are tested at High Voltage device ranging up to 45 kV in order to check the performance level in real time. After assembling noise suppressors, finished product has to bear final Spark inspection test to ensure coil fulfills the standards of Honda Motorcycles.

Drum Gear Shift

Atlas Autos manufactures drum gear shift for Motorcycles and to meet the trademark quality of Honda Motorcycles, it has entered into Technical Collaboration Agreement with Atsumitec Co. Ltd., which is a Japanese based automobile company involved in manufacturing of automobiles parts globally. The shop contains heat treatment facility as well as facility for processing drum in carburizing and tempering furnaces.

Oil Pump

Atlas Autos manufactures oil pumps for Honda motorcycles. To maintain the high quality standards of Atlas Honda, Company has entered into a technical collaboration agreement with Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Japan in January 2020.

The product is being manufactured through latest technology set up and quality measurements are taken with Hi-Tech instruments having inspection facilities that ensure the quality product.


Atlas Autos manufactures Clutch for motorcycles. To ensure adherence to the highly demanding quality standards of Honda Motorcycles, Atlas Autos has entered into a Technical Collaboration Agreement with F.C.C. Co. Ltd., Japan, one of the leading names in clutch technology across the globe. The clutch shop comprises of high pressure die casting and machining facilities with the state of the art assembly line.


Atlas Autos has extended its manufacturing horizon by adding Die Casting technology in November 2015. With this upward integration, the company provides top quality Casting Parts at a competitive price. This facility has been designed to provide a one-stop solution for aluminum and zinc parts for the group while maintaining synergy within the Supply Chain.

The Die Casting Shop is bifurcated into three sections: Pressure Casting (Aluminium), Pressure Casting (Zinc) and Gravity Die Casting.

Pressure Casting (Aluminium):
High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) produces Aluminum Components such as Motorcycle Wheel Hubs, Engine Covers and Clutch parts.

Pressure Casting (Zinc):
Zinc Die Casting produces Carburetors body for Motorcycles.

Gravity Die Casting:
The shop has multiple GDC machines to cast Case Bottom (one of the main parts of front shock absorber) for motorcycles.


Injection Molding
Atlas Autos is a leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding products, with expertise in Battery Containers and Honda Motorcycle parts. As a pioneer of adapting robotic technology for plastic molding parts in Pakistan, the company ensures that all its products are of a premium quality.

Screen Printing
The company has semi automatic screen printing machines specialized for Battery Containers and Plastic Bins. This technology can be adopted to be used for printing on Washing Machine Panels and Beverage Crates.

Ultrasonic Welding
The company has ultrasonic welding facility that ensures provision of several advantages over traditional production methods of fastening plastic pieces together.

Ultrasonic plastic welding is the joining or reforming of thermoplastics through the use of heat generated from high-frequency mechanical motion. It is accomplished by converting high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical motion.

Die Manufacturing

With the growth of the Motorcycle Industry and Atlas Honda Limited in particular, the demand for quality Dies & Molds has multiplied.  External factors, such as currency devaluation and availability of low quality molds, created the need for quality in-house molds that were also cost effective. This enabled the group to establish Atlas Tools, Dies & Moulds Center (ATDMC).  

ATDMC was Inaugurated by the Honorable Late Chairman, Mr. Yusuf H. Shirazi on December 21st, 2016.  ATDMC is a modern facility equipped with CNC Machining Centers, EDMs and other technologies such as the Die Spotting Facility for large molds assembling and 3D Scanner (GOM – Germany) for inspection. ATDMC has an experienced and highly skilled team for manufacturing that ensures premium quality Dies & Molds are created for Atlas group and other customers.  Our expertise include:

High Pressure Die Casting Molds

Gravity Die Casting Molds

Plastic Injection Molds

Cast Iron Foundry Dies