Hitachi Astemo Limited

(Constituent companies associated with Atlas Group since 1988)

Hitachi Astemo is a mega-supplier of state-of-the-art automotive components across the globe. It was formed via a business merger (completed in January 2021) of four renowned Japanese-based automotive companies including Showa Corporation and Keihin Corporation which have been associated with Atlas since 1988 and 2003, respectively, and are globally renowned brands with a long, successful history of providing high performance automotive components.

Atlas Autos manufactures shock absorbers and carburetors for Honda Motorcycles and has entered into technical collaboration with Hitachi Astemo to meet the demanding quality requirements. Previously, Atlas Autos had technical collaborations with its constituent companies, Showa Corporation and Keihin Corporation for shock absorbers and carburetors, respectively.

Toyo Denso Co. Ltd

(Associated with Atlas Group since 2001)

Toyo Denso Co. Ltd is one of the most reliable and trusted names across the automobile industry around the world with a well-diversified portfolio of high quality auto products employing state-of-the-art technology for maximum efficiency and value. Specifically for motorcycles, Toyo Denso produces operation-based switch products, functional switch related products, sensor products and ignition system products.

Atlas Autos manufactures ignition coils for Honda motorcycles and to meet the stringent quality requirements, it has entered into a technical collaboration with Toyo Denso Co. Ltd. The ignition coil shop at Atlas Autos has assembling facilities for various models of Honda Motorcycles.

Atsumitec Co. Ltd

(Associated with Atlas Group since 2004)

Atsumitec Co. Ltd. manufactures and supplies its automotive parts throughout the world. The Company also sells change control systems and engine mechanical parts for automobile, motorcycle and general purpose machinery.

Atlas Autos manufactures drum gear shift for all models of Honda Motorcycles in Pakistan and to meet the trademark quality of Honda Motorcycles, it has entered into Technical Collaboration Agreement with Atsumitec Co. Ltd., Japan. The Drum Gear Shift Shop contains Heat Treatment facility as well as facility for processing drum in carburizing and tempering furnaces.

Yamada Manufacturing Co. Ltd

(Associated with Atlas Group since 2006)

Yamada Manufacturing Co. Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive parts and renowned across the globe. With a robust Research and Development system headquartered in Japan and spread across North America, China and Asia, Yamada has successfully stayed on the cutting-edge of automotive technology to provide high quality products and maximum value to its customers. Motorcycle parts produced by Yamada include oil pumps and water pumps.

Atlas Autos manufactures oil pumps for Honda motorcycles and to maintain the required high quality standards, it has entered into a technical collaboration with Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The oil pump shop of Atlas Autos comprises of machining and assembly facilities.

F.C.C. Co. Ltd

(Associated with Atlas Group since 2009)

F.C.C. Co. Ltd. manufactures high quality clutches through an integrated system extending from research and development of frictional materials to assembly of clutches. The Company business has been steadily expanding in stride with the development of the automotive industry, enabling F.C.C. to claim the top worldwide share in motorcycle clutches. This ensures that the company produces high quality components at a competitive cost.

Under this technical collaboration, the Company manufactures Clutch for all models of Honda motorcycles manufactured in Pakistan. The Clutch Shop comprises of high pressure die casting and machining facilities.